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Zorka Wollny: A Night by the Lake

"A Night by the Lake" A series of contemplative sound workshops with Polish artist and composer Zorka Wollny. Workshops are open for all who would like to discover the power of the voice and the p [...]

Arts & Labor Alternative Economies

[Image: Pedal Power - OWS Sustainability at Zuccotti Park. November 2, 2011. CC BY 3.0 Shankbone] This fall and winter, Arts & Labor’s Alternative Economies Working Group will be convening [...]

SPIRITUAL ANDROGYNY: An Introduction to Reading Alchemical Texts

This workshop/discussion group will provide an introduction to philosophical alchemy through a close reading of Michael Maier's 1617 emblem book Atalanta Fugiens. The alchemical androgyne represents [...]

Constructing a Commons: Facilitating and Sustaining Spaces for Collaboration

Hi Friends– Join us at //Sunview\\, for a dialogue on recognizing our common areas of need and concern as a means for collaboration and the creation of social spaces. Togetherness, empathy, tr [...]

Art From A (Blank) Perspective

We will be looking at works of art and talking about them in relation to our racial identities, with the goal of using a facilitated participatory discussion to begin to identify racism within ourselv [...]