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Pavone/Papach; Violin/Viola

Please keep in mind for Friday night. Two solo acoustic viola / violin sets. Doors at 8pm: Jessica Pavone, solo acoustic viola Leyna Papach, solo acoustic viola & violin Much rejoicing [...]

SLSCR 11: Carter Thornton/David Shuford / Decimus

Saturday, October 21, 7:00pm: SLSCR 11 Carter Thornton/David Shuford Decimus free lathe-cut 7" Carter Thornton "Peekskill Bookmill"/Decimus "Wuotis Heer"

*Ssummerr Rrosess*

2 poets 2 musics 2 videos, with live soundtracks + a surprise performance Nicole Wallace Mel Elberg Silver Ocean Sings (Dylan Angell with Laura Loriga) Jaye Bartell Lily Jue Sheng & As [...]

Cynthia Nelson/PG Six

Cynthia Nelson rare east coast appearance S̶u̶e̶ ̶G̶a̶r̶n̶e̶r̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶T̶a̶l̶i̶c̶e̶ ̶L̶e̶e̶ ̶d̶u̶o̶ ̶s̶e̶t̶!̶!̶!̶!̶!̶  (Sue and Talice had to cancel) PG S [...]

Zachary Cale and Johnny Young

Zachary Cale and Johnny Young will each play an acoustic set, and Jantar will perform some multi-channel easy listening sounds to accompany the whirring fans as they engage in futile combat with the o [...]

Jay Pluck, Doilies, George Sand, Lele

The Doilies. They've only had one show so far, so I can't really say much about them. This is George Sand, though: and this is Lele: [...]

Wells | Halpern | Pillowcase + Bullhorn

H. Honne Wells Sarah Halpern Pillowcase + Bullhorn H. Honne Wells I heard on two 'FMU shows within a week of each other, and it got me scrambling through a few Internet rabbit holes. After eme [...]

The Chapin Sisters, Melanie Moser, Ezekiel Healy, Carrie Ashley Hill

The Chapin Sisters Melanie Moser Ezekiel Healy Carrie Ashley Hill

Tom Carter, Tropical Rock, Jantar

Next Wednesday, April 26, there will a nice show at the luncheonette -- Tom Carter, Tropical Rock (Ka Baird and Camilla Padgett-Coles), and Jantar. It will be an early show (school night!), so I imagi [...]

Dense Mesh

Come listen and feast for this Spring 2017 edition of DENSE MESH EARLY SHOW STYLE (6pm) with: Anaïs Maviel - evocative improvised vox + instruments. "Expanding the power of music as a healin [...]

MAËS with Stewart Avenue

Join us for MAËS (Boston), a electronic-jazz quintet performing between DJ sets from Stewart Avenue (NYC) radio. Broadcast live over their station from the Sunview Headquarters. Bring friends and bee [...]


A hat will be passed... Aki Onda / Tashi Dorji / Che Chen Amirtha Kidambi / Jaimie Branch / Angela Morris at Sunview Luncheonette 221 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn Amirtha Kidambi [...]

Michael J Schumacher: The Portable Multi-Channel Sound System

free during the installations/ suggested donation $5 once performances begin an installation by Michael J. Schumacher with live performances by Barry Weisblat Bradford Reed Brian Chase Chri [...]

Dense Mesh

Please join us for another installment of Dense Mesh, a series of experimental sounds. This time with a packed lineup featuring: KYLE EYRE CLYD VICTORIA KEDDIE NEW YORK REVIEW OF COCKSUCKING [...]


DROOIDS!!! Forrest is cooking dinner! Free DROOIDS 7" lathe cut picture discs for all! Three goldfish, much video, Polish beer, Bea, confusing conversations -- let's celebrate the 46th annive [...]

Dense Mesh: The Revival

But anyway... THIS SATURDAY IN GREENPOINT: DENSE MESH, THE REVIVAL @ Sunview Luncheonette. 7pm, 221 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn NY. Food, booze and revelry with... Marcia Bassett/Barry Weisblat Mari [...]