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In the capital of occasionally tiring Broadway productions, Clakula-Gauthier is pleased to introduce live excerpts from a musical about Margaret Thatcher’s funeral created by András Cséfalvay, a v [...]

Costa / Rg / Bertucci / Koci / Anna & Elizabeth

CARLO COSTA / ANNA RG + LEA BERTUCCI share duo music / fiddle+banjo, saxophone + tapes&loops and two brand new works, long in the ma [...]

*Ssummerr Rrosess*

2 poets 2 musics 2 videos, with live soundtracks + a surprise performance Nicole Wallace Mel Elberg Silver Ocean Sings (Dylan Angell with Laura Loriga) Jaye Bartell Lily Jue Sheng & As [...]

Tom Carter, Tropical Rock, Jantar

Next Wednesday, April 26, there will a nice show at the luncheonette -- Tom Carter, Tropical Rock (Ka Baird and Camilla Padgett-Coles), and Jantar. It will be an early show (school night!), so I imagi [...]

Dense Mesh

Come listen and feast for this Spring 2017 edition of DENSE MESH EARLY SHOW STYLE (6pm) with: Anaïs Maviel - evocative improvised vox + instruments. "Expanding the power of music as a healin [...]

MAËS with Stewart Avenue

Join us for MAËS (Boston), a electronic-jazz quintet performing between DJ sets from Stewart Avenue (NYC) radio. Broadcast live over their station from the Sunview Headquarters. Bring friends and bee [...]


A hat will be passed... Aki Onda / Tashi Dorji / Che Chen Amirtha Kidambi / Jaimie Branch / Angela Morris at Sunview Luncheonette 221 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn Amirtha Kidambi [...]

Michael J Schumacher: The Portable Multi-Channel Sound System

free during the installations/ suggested donation $5 once performances begin an installation by Michael J. Schumacher with live performances by Barry Weisblat Bradford Reed Brian Chase Chri [...]

Dense Mesh

Please join us for another installment of Dense Mesh, a series of experimental sounds. This time with a packed lineup featuring: KYLE EYRE CLYD VICTORIA KEDDIE NEW YORK REVIEW OF COCKSUCKING [...]

Ptyxolopies 3: Performance!

Performance nighght at the Luncheonette with Shiv Kotecha Stephen Sewell Keiko Uenishi Theresa Columbus Ray Ferreira FREE BYOB Shiv Kotecha is most recently the author of EXTRIGUE (Make [...]

Time Clock / Tarpon

This Friday, July 1, 7pm-11pm there will be a gathering to celebrate the release of Leslie Stein's new book Time Clock. It will involve food and drinks, a screening of the 1973 film Tarpon, some bookm [...]

Constance Hockaday: “Blue” Preview

Please join us on Club Night, Friday May 20th, for a preview presentation of Blue, a cinematic and performative lecture by artist Constance Hockaday – a stream of associations exploring how the h [...]


MARA LEE ‡‹ JOHANNES HELDÉN ‡‹ KIRKWOOD ADAMS Tonight our series of EMERGENCY POETRY READINGS continues/starts. We have the pleasure and good fortune to host Tianna's Swedish poet frie [...]

Roman Osminkin: Not a Word About Politics

We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of Roman Osminkin’s first English language collection of poems and songs entitled “Not A Word About Politics!” published by NYC-based Cicada Pres [...]

Shadowing our Waterways

Shadowing Our Waterways (Workshop I: Greenpoint/Newtown Creek) Collaborative art opportunity for artists and community members living, working, and/or based in Greenpoint. Application and workshop p [...]

Proposal for a Perpetual Parade (PPP)

These days, we’re hard-pressed to find images of a future that we’d actually want to live in. Technological advances have not brought us the floating cars we were promised, sure, but they also hav [...]

ptyxolopies: a nighght of image-textonics

Join us at the Sunvievv Luncheonette for a panel of thr33+ artists to discuss, present, question and preform the variegated commonities and rnultiptyxtodimensional worls of visual poetics, from Mallar [...]

Dense Mesh: The Revival

But anyway... THIS SATURDAY IN GREENPOINT: DENSE MESH, THE REVIVAL @ Sunview Luncheonette. 7pm, 221 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn NY. Food, booze and revelry with... Marcia Bassett/Barry Weisblat Mari [...]


CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS Friday, January 29, let us initiate a series of symposia that will allow us to better grok the horrors of global neoliberal capitalism. I propose we begin by considering chairs [...]

2MF && Bethany Ides

We are pleased to announce  2MF’s first meeting of 2016: January 16, 2016, 2 PM Sunview Luncheonette 221 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 Bethany Ides will lead a discussive-immersive enhanceme [...]


WIth Mary Walling Blackburn and Rafael Kelman. Anhoek School, a roving and irregular pedagogical experiment, will administer the ARE, its own perverse form of the Graduate Recorded Examination (GRE [...]


Members! This Saturday at the luncheonette: Circa seven o' the clock, post merideim, Jay and I will make some more pasta, I will stock the mini-fridge with watery domestics. Kirsten will bring desert [...]

Rumori V: August Wells

Hi all, happy autumn! Let us get back to the business of hanging, drinking, eating and sounds. This Friday at 8:00, August Wells will perform at the Sunview. I will make the official meal of Rumo [...]


Playing: GEORGE SAND (*) ERIN DURANT (*) PURE HORSEHAIR (*) June 5th, Friday @ The Sunview Luncheonette 221 Nassau Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn


Collecting confessions for a show to air on the STROBE Network, a television-channel-as-exhibition premiering at Flux Factory this June.If there is anything you've ever wanted to say to someone but d [...]

Rumori IV/SLSCR 2

Rumori IV/SLSC 2: D. Charles Speer, performing experimental Greek folk music. We'll be releasing another recording, a 7" lathe-cut record called "The Blue Zonari/Aman Yiala Yiala" that will be free/ [...]


“Chocolate Counter” sees the artistWhitney Vangrin incorporating molten chocolate in an ode to a 1971 performance by the artist Gina Pane. In the original piece Pane plunged her hands into boiling [...]

Le Roman du Lièvre

Jimmy Riordan will read from his translation of Francis Jammes' turn of the century fable, focusing on those parts dedicated to describing where various animals go when they die. Le Roman du Lièvr [...]


Friends and followers of the Sunview Luncheonette — There will be a gathering on Saturday, February 7th, at around 8:33pm to wax on about the waning of Mercury in her retrograde. It’ll be a wei [...]

ƎƆI┴S˥OS ɹƎ┴NIM & a drift through the Zone | Stalker

Come this Sunday for Winter Solstice, preceded by an electromagnetic field sound-walk through the local Zone, and followed by a screening of Tarkovsky's 1979 chef-d'œuvre Stalker with these peop [...]

5 Pairings

Image: Still from Rankin Street, 1953, courtesy of Naeem Mohaiemen Dear Friends of the Sunview Luncheonette, I invite you to join me yet again for an evening devoted to poetic associations, surp [...]

MfPS Workshop: Manual for Greenpoint

Facebook event: Manuals for Public Space Website: Actively involving local communities, this workshop is a start of a long-term a [...]

Zodiac Dinner Club

8:00pm Summonings Ouija boards and palm readings by Tina Kohlman and Lena Hawkins sounds by Peaceful Deli and Champagne Sequins 9:00pm Dinner and Music Tasting the twelve signs of the zodiac [...]

and the water washed over

≠ Program ≠Prelude, On the 195th Anniversary of the Birth of Herman Melville≠ A Demonstration In Two Parts ≠ Part I, Michelle Levy: “Our Atlantis” Part II, Dylan Gauthier: "24 Hours [...]

Rumori II: Pigeons

8:00pm: victuals 9:00pm: Pigeons ​10:00pm: rummy, Russian fantasy films, archival Manson family footage, etc. 11:00pm: Erasmus of Rotterdam's "Clouds on the Wall," etc. 12:00am: |\/||\/||\/|| [...]