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1st Annual July 3rd Party

My America is rich with complicated, often scary, often triumphant history.  Horrible institutions challenged by the people oppressed by them, and sometimes ADJUSTED by them, over and over again.  C [...]

RUMORI I: Search Terms”

Bea has suggested that at times we are too quiet. Bea has suggested that at times we are too loud. RUMORI will help us find the happy medium through a series of aural explorations. Beginning with: [...]

the transformation, aka dôme faust

the transformation Diabolus: Ben F. Marguerite: Keilana Faust: Dylan L Cretinous: Joanne Speaker: Jason Mayor: Harvey Meatmonger: Lilly Blacksmith: Greg M. Lumb [...]

Feijoada: / Baixo Centro

COVER IMAGE and PHOTOS BELOW thanks to the magnificent Leandro Viana-- A feijoada to coincide with Open Engagement, the international conference on art and social practice being held at the Queens [...]

“Will Happiness Ever Find Me?” Readings.

(above image: Rosalie Schweiker, Will happiness ever find me?, tarot readings, 2012 - ongoing) Hi Luncheonette: For this Sunday's Club Night we will present an evening of readings, music, and [...]

5 Pairings

Image: still from Afternoon with John by Michelle Levy, 2013 Dear Friends of the Sunview Luncheonette, I invite you to join us for an evening devoted to memory, poetic associations, and the sen [...]


Tmrw noon to 4p. Brought back a healthy stack of French pop. Stuff like this! Come by, drink coffee from the ancient urn.--Drew  


Dear Sunview--- Just got some very special news that JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon will be gracing us with His presence on Wednesday, March 5th, at 8 pm. We'll be cooking a bankers stew in His (d [...]


My friends, I may as well just go right ahead and say that there is a Jantar show this Saturday. The wheels are in motion. Nothing can stop it. Remember that movie with that creepy guy in front of [...]

VHS: Bradley Eros Video Library Opening

Bradley Eros' personal video library and archive, now housed at the Sunview Luncheonette as a project of et al. Opening: Saturday, February 15, 7pm – after midnight Simultaneously making, resea [...]

psychic reality and future food

hi lovely all on monday at luncheonette (nassau/henry in gpointe) gonna prepare for the year of the horse and have a live performance by psychic reality gathering at 8p alice coltrane [...]

Crepe Day

Friends & Fiends: I'm deeply sorry to say you have been lied to all your life.There's a vast conspiracy at work in this country. Your government, the school system, the mainstream media, you [...]

edgar oliver: the puddle boy

howdy all, a reading, music & soup to celebrate 'the puddle boy' a new book by edgar oliver music by the octave doktors December 16, 2013 730 pm there will be soups.  bring a thing [...]