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Las Chicas Presents

On January 5, Las Chicas Presents a screening of short works by Mauricio Arango, Ben Abrams, Lily Benson, Saki Sato, Amy Reid, Sam White, James N. Kienitz Wilkins, Jake Davidson, Audrey Hope, Kim-Anh [...]

Extrapolation Factory – Operator’s Manual

Join us August 11, for a celebratory launch of the ‘Extrapolation Factory - Operator’s Manual’, a fresh of the press book on participatory design futures, printed in English and Chinese. Through [...]

Club Night // Bill Daniel // SFVHS

Come to the Sunview on Friday night, August 5th, 8 pm, for CLUB NIGHT. This week we'll be joined by filmmaker/photographer/artist/wayfarer Bill Daniel, of "Who is Bozo Texino a Secret History of H [...]

Samuel Lang Budin: Cold Comforts at the Bottom of the Ocean

SAMUEL LANG BUDIN* - COLD COMFORTS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN: "A conversation, with pictures, about some of the things that have happened to me in the past two years and projected flooding due to [...]

Jet Lag / Eve Essex / Mai Mai

Saturday, July 9th 1pm / a hat will be passed... Jun-Y Ciao chamber piece "Jet Lag" performed by: Che Chen (vl) Patrick Holmes (cl) Bob Jones (b) Jun-Y Ciao (sax) Mai Mai  Eve Essex at [...]

Time Clock / Tarpon

This Friday, July 1, 7pm-11pm there will be a gathering to celebrate the release of Leslie Stein's new book Time Clock. It will involve food and drinks, a screening of the 1973 film Tarpon, some bookm [...]

Constance Hockaday: “Blue” Preview

Please join us on Club Night, Friday May 20th, for a preview presentation of Blue, a cinematic and performative lecture by artist Constance Hockaday – a stream of associations exploring how the h [...]

Shadowing Our Waterways

SHADOWING OUR WATERWAYS Saturday, May 7, 1 - 3:30 PM Puppet-storytelling between Brooklyn and Cairo. Come help Shadowing Our Waterways tell stories about our Newtown Creek puppets! We’ve ma [...]

607CSA at the Sunview

Hi Ho people of Sunview, Tianna-the-farmer reporting: So the607csa is, once again, online and ready for sign-ups! Check out the link here (summer, fall, and half veg shares) and then, in my best [...]

soup, some gentle agents

The next part is going to be like effectively measuring the width of a tabletop by holding your knee against its underside while your forearms rest above it in view.  Only why would you notice such a [...]

North Henry Street Event

We're hosting a talk by friends at the Newtown Creek Alliance - a public discussion and presentation of their North Henry Street study. Following 18 months of analysis and planning, NCA will present o [...]


WIth Mary Walling Blackburn and Rafael Kelman. Anhoek School, a roving and irregular pedagogical experiment, will administer the ARE, its own perverse form of the Graduate Recorded Examination (GRE [...]


The unveiling of the Sunview's own small-scale aquaponics fish/plant garden. Hot drinks will be served. Enjoy digital drawings, visuals, and sound from the garden. Matej Vakula & Dylan Gauthier w [...]


Anhoek School, a roving and irregular pedagogical experiment, will administer the ARE, its own perverse form of the Graduate Recorded Examination (GRE). The test will be timed, monitored, and scored. [...]

Alan W. Moore with Stephen Zacks – “Occupation Culture” & “Making Room”

Alan W. Moore will come by the Sunview on September 18th at 7:30 PM to discuss his two new books, “Occupation Culture: Art & Squatting in the City from Below” and “Making Room: Making Room: [...]


Free. Refreshments provided. We will be joined by tenants rights attorneys and local housing advocates and will cover such topics as: what to do if you receive an eviction notice, how to tell if y [...]


Photographer Andrew Rowat will present Collision Yangon – his project on the forces coming together in the crucible that is Yangon, Myanmar. “Opposing forces of so-called modernity and develo [...]


Informal economy: any exchange of goods or services that is unwaged and unregulated (babysitting, landscaping, street vendors, etc)Join us for a dinner and discussion of informal economies. Interac [...]

10×10 Photobooks

Meet Xavier Luján, editor at flamingo publications (Venezuela / New York) and Sebastiaan Hanekroot, technical director of Colour & Books (The Netherlands) over drinks and conversation. We’ll [...]


The Sunview and CLAKULA-Gauthier present: [Short] An overview of a now successful effort to sequence and assemble the genome of Malus sieversii, the wild ancestor of all domesticated apples by [...]

ƎƆI┴S˥OS ɹƎ┴NIM & a drift through the Zone | Stalker

Come this Sunday for Winter Solstice, preceded by an electromagnetic field sound-walk through the local Zone, and followed by a screening of Tarkovsky's 1979 chef-d'œuvre Stalker with these peop [...]

5 Pairings

Image: Still from Rankin Street, 1953, courtesy of Naeem Mohaiemen Dear Friends of the Sunview Luncheonette, I invite you to join me yet again for an evening devoted to poetic associations, surp [...]

MfPS Workshop: Manual for Greenpoint

Facebook event: Manuals for Public Space Website: Actively involving local communities, this workshop is a start of a long-term a [...]

and the water washed over

≠ Program ≠Prelude, On the 195th Anniversary of the Birth of Herman Melville≠ A Demonstration In Two Parts ≠ Part I, Michelle Levy: “Our Atlantis” Part II, Dylan Gauthier: "24 Hours [...]

Matadoras of Del Rio

In October 2009, Victoria Sambunaris arrived in Del Rio, Texas to begin a 2 year project along the 2000 mile US/Mexico border. Over the years, Del Rio became a place of intrigue with its lively charac [...]


"Then he poured for us a beverage which he called 'Slum gullion,' and it is hard to think he was not inspired when he named it. It really pretended to be tea, but there was too much dish-rag, and sand [...]

Feijoada: / Baixo Centro

COVER IMAGE and PHOTOS BELOW thanks to the magnificent Leandro Viana-- A feijoada to coincide with Open Engagement, the international conference on art and social practice being held at the Queens [...]


You've probably heard about "the plume" — the gigantic oil spill that lies under Greenpoint. But did you know there are other plumes of toxic chemicals pooled up beneath the ground here as well? Res [...]

Thank You For Coming (LA)

Dear Friends, I will be making a presentation with my artist group Et al. around our work with the Sunview Luncheonette this Thursday in LA (infos below). A pleasure to see you there! Nicholas [...]

Ariella Von

April 1, 2014 @ 8 PM: A night with filmmakers Marianna Ellenberg, David Louis Zuckerman and actress Ariel Kavoussi, of the upcoming feature "Ariella Von."

Vacant Acres Dinner

Vacant Acres Symposium participants and friends are invited to join us for a delicious cozy meal at The Sunview Luncheonette in Greenpoint, Brooklyn following the first day of conference events. Plea [...]

…Burnt Postcards From Kiev

Please come to the Sunview next Wednesday, April 2nd @ 7:30 PM. Anastasiya Osipova will be speaking on the revolution in Ukraine and: Crucified Hawks, Bendera vs. Bender, and the Golden Breadloaf: B [...]

UTOPIA SCHOOL 1st Open Review Session

Hope you can make it on Tuesday, March 25th at 8PM to the Sunview Luncheonette for a group discussion/planning and general information session for Utopia School (more info on U.S. is below**). Eve [...]


Dear Sunview--- Just got some very special news that JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon will be gracing us with His presence on Wednesday, March 5th, at 8 pm. We'll be cooking a bankers stew in His (d [...]

The Accidental Playground: Narratives / Undesigned + Unplanned

Dear Sunview, Join us this Friday, February 7, 2014 @ 7:30 pm for a conversation with Daniel Campo on The Accidental Playground: Brooklyn Waterfront Narratives of the Undesigned and Unplanned hi [...]