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*Ssummerr Rrosess*

2 poets 2 musics 2 videos, with live soundtracks + a surprise performance Nicole Wallace Mel Elberg Silver Ocean Sings (Dylan Angell with Laura Loriga) Jaye Bartell Lily Jue Sheng & As [...]

Marie Kølbæk Iversen: “Io/I” and Matrilineal Projection

This is the second in a three part series of conversations setting Marie Kølbæk Iversen’s iterable film installation Io/I in dialog with three forms of matrilinearity. The installation and conve [...]

Marie Kølbæk Iversen “Io/I” 
and Matrilineal Collapse

Sunview Luncheonet 221 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 *This is the first of three programs, subsequent dates: July 22 and 30, 2017. Three performative instances by Marie Kølbæk Iversen:- Screen [...]

Secrets of the Intoxicated Life Divulged in Greenpoint

Brooklyn, NY – May 20, 2017 – The Sunview Luncheonette (221 Nassau Ave. Brooklyn), a converted diner turned artist collective in Greenpoint, will host In Vino Veritas: Secrets of the Intoxicated [...]

Darks of Heartness

3 documentary filmmakers. 4 films. 1 luncheonette. Unknown quantity of snacks. You are cordially invited to a wee private night of films by Jessica Kingdon, Tim Hawkins, and St. John McKay, their l [...]

Las Chicas Presents

On January 5, Las Chicas Presents a screening of short works by Mauricio Arango, Ben Abrams, Lily Benson, Saki Sato, Amy Reid, Sam White, James N. Kienitz Wilkins, Jake Davidson, Audrey Hope, Kim-Anh [...]

A.L. Steiner: More Real Than Reality Itself

Dear Friends,Please join us at the Sunview Luncheonette on Friday, December 9 at 8pm for a screening of A.L. Steiner's More Real Than Reality Itself, with the artist in person, and an appearance by L [...]


Please join me for a screening of Elisabeth Subrin's Shulie Shulie will be projected on 16mm (by the esteemed Bradley Eros). This will be proceeded by a reading by the best poet, Mel Elberg. (Subr [...]


AUTO BODY EMOTIVES - Book Launch with readings, projections & prints by: Hollis Witherspoon Hollis is an actor, writer, and improviser, and teaches the craft of improvisation to visual art [...]

Club Night // Bill Daniel // SFVHS

Come to the Sunview on Friday night, August 5th, 8 pm, for CLUB NIGHT. This week we'll be joined by filmmaker/photographer/artist/wayfarer Bill Daniel, of "Who is Bozo Texino a Secret History of H [...]

Greenpoint 2016

Coleen Fitzgibbon and Peter Fend will present and discuss their film "Greenpoint 2016," a brief survey of the problems and possible solutions for positive environmental changes in the Greenpoint and N [...]

Time Clock / Tarpon

This Friday, July 1, 7pm-11pm there will be a gathering to celebrate the release of Leslie Stein's new book Time Clock. It will involve food and drinks, a screening of the 1973 film Tarpon, some bookm [...]

Consuming Spirits

Please join us for: Consuming Spirits (2012, 136 min) a film by Chris Sullivan Friday, June 24th @ 7:30pm  RSVP to Shelby: Suggested Donation Entry + BYOB Looking f [...]

Vertigo Luncheonette

This Thursday, we invited friends from the Chimney and Holy Faya to show a film. They picked Vertigo. 8 pm. Cocktails and popcorn will be served. As per the first hit on Google, Vertigo is: "Hit [...]

ptyxolopies: a nighght of image-textonics

Join us at the Sunvievv Luncheonette for a panel of thr33+ artists to discuss, present, question and preform the variegated commonities and rnultiptyxtodimensional worls of visual poetics, from Mallar [...]

A midnight until dawn

A midnight until dawn is a screening of video works by living artists for which considerations of race, ethnicity and/or social class are integral parts of their practice. In some, but not all cases, [...]


Sunview Luncheonette is thrilled to host a screening of: Tighten Your Belts, Bite the Bullet (1980) A Film by James Gaffney, Martin Lucas, and Jonathan Miller Co-presented by Neighbors Allied [...]

Spilled Milkshake

The SunView Luncheonette will play host to several friends from distant shores, all washing up here in NYC for a brief time. Presenting a cocktail of visual experiences to be shared. We will be ser [...]

Right to Wynwood

596 Acres, Sunview Luncheonette & the Interference Archive present a film and conversation on art outside and the right to shape our neighborhoods. Right to Wynwood is an investigative document [...]


Ready-to-hand as a term is a description of the nearness or physicality of a thing in the world, specifically as related to people/persons. This term and the videos in the program are tiny slivers [...]

Recitations not from memory

Works by Sunview member Sunita Prasad. A culmination of a residency at T.A.J. & SKE Projects in Bangalore, India this past spring. Recitations not from memory is an installation of video works o [...]

The Voice’s Folds

The Voice's Folds The Voice's Folds is a one night screening program with selected works by Morehshin Allahyari, Michael A. Morris, and Jenny Vogel. Made in a range of media from 16mm and 8mm fil [...]

How Are We Not Crushed By The Weight of Being Watched?

An evening of video and performance for video. Curated by Angela Washko. Artists in the screening program: Anthony Antonellis, Jeremy Bailey, Jennifer Chan, Joseph Delappe, Adam Frelin, Ann Hirsch [...]

A Horse Turin

Dear Sunview: Following on St. Pat's we offer a counter, and/or contretemps, set in Hungarian badlands and universal end-of-times – for better or worse.  "For better or worse:" join us for Pa [...]

VHS: Bradley Eros Video Library Opening

Bradley Eros' personal video library and archive, now housed at the Sunview Luncheonette as a project of et al. Opening: Saturday, February 15, 7pm – after midnight Simultaneously making, resea [...]

Tender Comrades

Hi! I want to invite you (and anyone you think I forgot!) to a private-ish screening of my film Tender Comrades this Tuesday at one of my favorite spots in the city: The Sunview Luncheonette! We wi [...]

A Squatter’s Tale: Sebastian Gutierrez in conversation w/ Frank Morales

Dear I– I'm sending this out on behalf of S. who will be at the S.Luncheonette (a social center in Greenpoint) tonight with guest Frank Morales, discussing the future of squatting in the city. [...]

Female Subjectivity Film Group

Dear friends of the Sunview, Please join us for our inaugural meeting of the FEMALE SUBJECTIVITY (FILM) GROUP*, wherein we: - surround and aerate the many-stranded crisis of gendered “being” [...]

Henry: A Potluck Restaurant Situated within a Former Diner (As a Means Towards Considering How We Might Construct Autonomous Infrastructure Existing within Zones Other than Crisis; or How We Wish to Live.)

With Sam Gould and Dylan Gauthier, Red76 Thursday, November 8th, 2012 7pm - 9.30pm Location: A former diner, shuttered for many years, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (for exact location, text: 612.224.6 [...]