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SLSCR 11: Carter Thornton/David Shuford / Decimus

Saturday, October 21, 7:00pm: SLSCR 11 Carter Thornton/David Shuford Decimus free lathe-cut 7" Carter Thornton "Peekskill Bookmill"/Decimus "Wuotis Heer"

Che Chen/Amirtha Kidambi/Robbie Lee + Core of the Coalman (UK)

Amirtha Kidambi/Robbie Lee/Che Chen Trio An improvised set of voice, reeds, winds and guitar (also mystery instruments of the ancient and modern)...featuring Che Chen (75 Dollar Bill), Amirtha Kida [...]


A hat will be passed... Aki Onda / Tashi Dorji / Che Chen Amirtha Kidambi / Jaimie Branch / Angela Morris at Sunview Luncheonette 221 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn Amirtha Kidambi [...]

SLSC 8: Pete Nolan/Metal Mountains

Saturday 12/17, 7p SLSCR 8 - Pete Nolan/Metal Mountains free MM lathe cut 7" Scattering Sun/Take It as It Comes free food free booze new bathroom some kind of santaman new tiles found th [...]


DROOIDS!!! Forrest is cooking dinner! Free DROOIDS 7" lathe cut picture discs for all! Three goldfish, much video, Polish beer, Bea, confusing conversations -- let's celebrate the 46th annive [...]


Trummors + Kevin Barker Pigeons + P.G. Six Dinner at 8:00 Sounds at 9:00 Free Trummors lathe cut 7" Erøs Archive some new stuffed birds copies of the Daily News and Post


Members! This Saturday at the luncheonette: Circa seven o' the clock, post merideim, Jay and I will make some more pasta, I will stock the mini-fridge with watery domestics. Kirsten will bring desert [...]

Rumori V: August Wells

Hi all, happy autumn! Let us get back to the business of hanging, drinking, eating and sounds. This Friday at 8:00, August Wells will perform at the Sunview. I will make the official meal of Rumo [...]

Rumori IV/SLSCR 2

Rumori IV/SLSC 2: D. Charles Speer, performing experimental Greek folk music. We'll be releasing another recording, a 7" lathe-cut record called "The Blue Zonari/Aman Yiala Yiala" that will be free/ [...]


Jantar performs on the occasion of the first SLSC Recordings release, Suit Withers, which contains six stoic attempts at experimental easy listening. 12″ vinyl copies are free, just come to the lunc [...]