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SLSCR 11: Carter Thornton/David Shuford / Decimus

Saturday, October 21, 7:00pm: SLSCR 11 Carter Thornton/David Shuford Decimus free lathe-cut 7" Carter Thornton "Peekskill Bookmill"/Decimus "Wuotis Heer"

Zorka Wollny: A Night by the Lake

"A Night by the Lake" A series of contemplative sound workshops with Polish artist and composer Zorka Wollny. Workshops are open for all who would like to discover the power of the voice and the p [...]

Che Chen/Amirtha Kidambi/Robbie Lee + Core of the Coalman (UK)

Amirtha Kidambi/Robbie Lee/Che Chen Trio An improvised set of voice, reeds, winds and guitar (also mystery instruments of the ancient and modern)...featuring Che Chen (75 Dollar Bill), Amirtha Kida [...]

Wells | Halpern | Pillowcase + Bullhorn

H. Honne Wells Sarah Halpern Pillowcase + Bullhorn H. Honne Wells I heard on two 'FMU shows within a week of each other, and it got me scrambling through a few Internet rabbit holes. After eme [...]

MAËS with Stewart Avenue

Join us for MAËS (Boston), a electronic-jazz quintet performing between DJ sets from Stewart Avenue (NYC) radio. Broadcast live over their station from the Sunview Headquarters. Bring friends and bee [...]

SLSC 8: Pete Nolan/Metal Mountains

Saturday 12/17, 7p SLSCR 8 - Pete Nolan/Metal Mountains free MM lathe cut 7" Scattering Sun/Take It as It Comes free food free booze new bathroom some kind of santaman new tiles found th [...]

Michael J Schumacher: The Portable Multi-Channel Sound System

free during the installations/ suggested donation $5 once performances begin an installation by Michael J. Schumacher with live performances by Barry Weisblat Bradford Reed Brian Chase Chri [...]