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Shadowing our Waterways

Shadowing Our Waterways (Workshop I: Greenpoint/Newtown Creek) Collaborative art opportunity for artists and community members living, working, and/or based in Greenpoint. Application and workshop p [...]

Proposal for a Perpetual Parade (PPP)

These days, we’re hard-pressed to find images of a future that we’d actually want to live in. Technological advances have not brought us the floating cars we were promised, sure, but they also hav [...]

Incredible Witness

Space is limited, so RSVP to (or reply to this email) to reserve a spot! Incredible Witness is a funhouse exercise in phenomenology and the physics of compassion, a publ [...]

Workshop with The Public Lab

Join for experiments in collecting oil sheens and identifying where they came from, led by artist and Sunview member Matej Vakula, who writes: "Public Lab, in collaboration with Newtown Creek Allia [...]


Free. Refreshments provided. We will be joined by tenants rights attorneys and local housing advocates and will cover such topics as: what to do if you receive an eviction notice, how to tell if y [...]